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Unibet betting promo code – “topBonuscode-uk ”

As a new betting customer, you will receive a £20 refund if your first bet loses.

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Unibet Casino promo code

As a new casino customer, you will have the chance to receive a 100% bonus of up to £200 on your first deposit to Unibet. Unibet is one of the largest bookies around and offers a variety of betting opportunities and compatible odds. You don’t have to use a Unibet promo code in order to receive the promotion – just use one of the links on this website and you will receive the 100 % Unibet promotion.

No Unibet promotion code needed. However, if you want to be sure of receiving the promotion you can use the Unibet Promo code – “topBonuscode-uk ”.

Unibet offers betting, casino and poker, all with competitive odds and the security that comes from using one of the largest online bookies there is on the scene.

Unibet offers a very lucrative programme for new players, no matter which type of gambling they are interested in. As you can see on the website, Unibet give significant bonuses on all of their games.

First-time depositors to Unibet’s Sportsbook section can receive a £20 refund if your first bet welcome promo. Use the Unibet promo code “topBonuscode-uk ” to receive the bonus from Unibet.

First-time depositors to the Unibet Casino can receive a 100% bonus on their first deposit up to £200.

Finally, first-time depositors to the Unibet Poker Room can receive a poker bonus of up to €200 on their first deposit to the poker room plus an no deposit £10 instant bonus when signing up to Unibet poker.
unibet promo code

How to register with Unibet

Here is a quick two-step guide to signing up to Unibet and receiving the Unibet promotions:

  1. Sign in. Press “Register” and fill in your personal information. Please keep in mind that within 30 days of signing up to Unibet you should verify your personal information by sending in a scanned image of an approved ID document that contains a picture of you. The verification is for security reasons and is extremely important.
  2. Make a deposit. When you have signed up for Unibet and filled in your personal information on the platform, it is time for you to make a deposit. Go to “My Account” and make your first deposit into the account. If you at the casino section want to receive a £50 bonus, you should deposit £50 into the account; and if you want to receive the £100 bonus you should deposit £100 as your first deposit with Unibet. Remember to fill in the Unibet promo code “topBonuscode-uk ” when making your first deposit.

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Unibet bonus terms and conditions

When receiving a bonus at a bookmaker, it is important to know under what terms the bonus is given. Most important is the wager requirement, which is the number of times that you need to risk the bonus and/or the deposit in order to be able to withdraw your winnings.

Unibet’s terms are as follows:

Unibet Sports Betting bonus terms and conditions: You can receive a £20 first deposit refund. In order to withdraw any potential winnings, you will need to wager the bonus three times before being able to cash in. Please remember that you have only 60 days to meet the requirements and that your bets will need to have an odds of at least 1:4 in order to count as a wager.

Unibet Casino bonus terms and conditions: You can receive a 100% first-time bonus on your first deposit up to £200. The wager requirement for the Unibet Casino promo is 25x the bonus. Please bear in mind that not all casino divisions have the same wager requirements; for instance, the live casino has a higher wager requirement that the “normal” online casino. Please keep in mind that you have only 60 days to meet the casino wager requirements at Unibet Casino. Furthermore, you should be aware that that the individual casino games have different impacts on the wager requirements; for instance, Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat online count as a 10% wager, which means that meeting the casino bonus wager requirements are more difficult than it would be with slot machines, which count for 100% on the wager requirements. Meeting the casino wager requirement at Unibet, playing the slots are 25x the bonus, while meeting the wager requirements playing, for instance, Black Jack is 250x the bonus (Black Jack counts for 10% of the wager, meaning 25 x 10 = 250).

Unibet Poker bonus terms and conditions: When signing up to Unibet Poker, you can receive a bonus of up to €200. Please remember that you have to wager your bonus within 60 days, otherwise, the remaining bonus will be removed from your account.

Rake for your bonus:

Rake per levelLevelReward
€ 21€ 1
€ 102€ 4
€ 503€ 15
€1504€ 40


Unibet experts

Another thing that has helped position Unibet as a major player on the international bookmaking market is the impressive experts, or branding persons if you prefer, the company has successfully connected with. At the moment Unibet has the following experts:

In the UK, Unibet has a deal with Glen Hoddle, the former manager of the English national soccer team, and a former superstar playing midfield with Tottenham Hotspur.

In Sweden, Unibet has an expert deal with Glen Hysén who had an impressive senior career in clubs like Liverpool FC, and was a part of the Swedish national team for 66 games.

In Denmark, Unibet has a deal with Brian Laudrup the former Danish European champion with the national team and a star at Glasgow, Milan and Bayern Munich.

Bet on NFL with Unibet

NFL is becoming more and more popular, not least in the UK where NFL plays a couple of games a year at Wembley stadium. NFL is also hugely popular in some of the Nordic countries. Some of the most popular teams are, of course, the largest teams such as the Denver Broncos, the San Francisco 49ers and the New England Patriots, but also smaller teams with a lot of exchange students, such as Minnesota Vikings, are popular.

Unibet is one of the great places to bet on NFL, and offers up to 83 different bets on a random match. The bookie offers a few games a week before the game, but the closer it gets the more bets Unibet offers.

Remember to use one of the available Unibet promo codes when signing up to Unibet to bet on the NFL.

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Bet on golf.

Golf is getting big when it comes to betting, and Unibet is big in that area as well. Since Unibet is big on the Scandinavian markets, and moving its way forward in the UK, golf is of course on the agenda at Unibet. Betting-wise, golf is not as big business as tennis and soccer, for instance, but it is getting more and more popular.

Tennis is a big betting market

After soccer, tennis is probably the largest betting sport there is. You can bet on tennis all year and any time of day – there is always a tennis match going on somewhere. In recent years there have been a couple of scandals where a player lost on purpose, but in the bigger tournaments we doubt that it is going on. Unibet is one of the bigger bookies when it comes to tennis.

Tennis live betting strategy

There are a lot of strategies when betting on tennis. Some people bet on the favourites when they are down by a set, and others only bet on the favourites losing. Whatever strategy you decide to try out, the lesson must be the same – the bookie knows the most about most of the games. Restrict yourself to the players and matches that you know about, and where you have a feeling about the result. Remember that tennis is either one-on-one or doubles, and the mutual stats have a lot of meaning when betting on tennis. Again you can take advantage of one of the great Unibet promotions.

Unibet casino slot machines

If you like to play the slot machines then Unibet is a good place for you to be. The casino offers a variety of different slot machines such as Guns and Roses slot machine and Gonzo’s Request, a classic of the classics.

Remember the Unibet casino reward programme, where you can earn bonuses from your gambling activity. For every game you play, and every time you spin the slot machine wheels, you have the chance to earn reward points. You can collect the bonus that you have collected every month on the second day of the month.

About Unibet

Unibet Group plc is a Swedish company established in 1997, and one of the largest online providers of the betting, casino and poker sites in large areas of Europe. Unibet Group plc is a Swedish company, but has established its headquarters in Malta. Unibet has an astonishing 10 million clients and about 900 employees. Unibet is on the Swedish NASDAQ OMX stock exchange.

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