We are an independent network of gambling and investment websites that try to get the investors and gamblers the best possible access to information about the very complicated areas of online promo codes (or bonus codes if you prefer). We are specialised in binary options brokerage, CFD brokerage, spread betting brokerage and bookmaking. Many websites claim to have a special bonus code that gives you special advantages. Well, sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. We at Promo Code Guide try to give the best possible information about online promo codes, and negotiate the best possible deals for you.

Trading binary options, as with any other financial assets, involves the possibility of you sustaining a total or partial loss of your investment funds. Therefore, it is advised that you should never invest with money that you cannot afford to lose. Option trading involves a substantial risk of a loss. Promo Code Guide does not advise you in any way about trading, but provides only financial information. Promo Code Guide are not – and cannot be – responsible for any winnings or losses that you may experience.

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