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Who are Promo Code Guide? We are an independent network of gambling and investment websites that try to get the investors and gamblers the best possible access to information about the very complicated areas of online promo codes (or bonus codes if you prefer). We are specialised in binary options brokerage, CFD brokerage, spread betting brokerage and bookmaking. Many websites claim to have a special bonus code that gives you special advantages. Well, sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. We at Promo Code Guide try to give the best possible information about online promo codes, and negotiate the best possible deals for you.

How does Promo Code Guide work?

If the broker or bookie that we are investigating does not have a promo code, or the promo code that the broker or bookie does have does not give you any advantages, we will write “NO CODE NEEDED”, and you are free to sign up to the broker or bookie without using a promo code.

If we have negotiated a promo code with the broker or bookie, or we know of someone else who has a promo code that does actually work, we will write the promo code here on the website with a link that qualifies you for the special promotion.

Since we are a small and independent website, we to not have the power to negotiate many promo codes all at once, so we advise you to check out our website once in a while to see if new offers and promos have been added

What is in it for Promo Code Guide?

In order to keep the website running, we earn a commission every time a promo code negotiated by us is used by a new customer depositing real money at a broker or bookie. The commission helps us find the time to investigate the market and secure you better deals when signing up at the broker that you were going to sign up with anyway, so we think that it is a win-win situation.

Can we guarantee the promotion?

Unfortunately we can’t guarantee to you that the promotions are working. Brokers and bookies tend to change promotions and terms in relation to the promotions every now and then, and sometimes they forget to inform websites like ours. We advise you to contact the brokers before depositing money with the broker or bookie, and make sure that the bonus does still work. We test our promo codes and information as often as possible, but naturally mistakes can happen.
If you find that a promo code on this website does not function and secure the promised promotion for you, do not hesitate to contact us and inform us about the mistake in relation to the promotion. In general we are confident that our promo codes will provide you with the promised promotion.
Other things that you need to know about Promo Code Guide.

What should I look for in a broker or bookie?

The market is large, and the number of brokers and bookies is even higher. No broker or bookie ranks number one in all dimensions, and you should therefore consider which trading or betting dimension is the most important for you. We suggest that you should at least consider the following dimensions when choosing the right broker or bookie:

  • The welcome bonus? Is the welcome promo/first-time-deposit bonus attractive? This is especially important when choosing the right bookie or binary options broker, which have more or less the same business model. When choosing the right contract-for-difference broker this is less important.
  • Fair odds/repayment rate? When choosing the right bookie or binary options broker, this is very important. The better the odds and repayment rate, the bigger your chances of winning on your bets.
  • Small spread? When trading CFDs or spread betting, the spread is the most important. The smaller the spread, the larger chances of winning.
  • Entertainment? Trading, and especially betting, is first and foremost entertainment, and therefore it is important that the broker or bookie keeps it entertaining by entering regular promotions and competitions.
  • Proper regulation and security on the website? In order to keep your money secure, it is a good idea to choose a properly regulated and secure broker or bookie. Most of the large providers are properly regulated and secure – but some are not.

Bet or invest responsibly

Please remember to invest or bet responsibly, and not to risk money that you cannot afford to lose. Investing, gearing and betting involve a serious risk of losing money. If you experience trouble controlling your gambling or investing, close your accounts at once and seek help with some of the many fine institutions that help people with gambling addictions. Betting, binary options, and to some extend spread betting and CFD trading, are all gambling, and as such involve a risk of developing a gambling addiction.

Trading binary options, as with any other financial assets, involves the possibility of you sustaining a total or partial loss of your investment funds. Therefore, it is advised that you should never invest with money that you cannot afford to lose. Option trading involves a substantial risk of a loss. Promo Code Guide does not advise you in any way about trading, but provides only financial information. Promo Code Guide are not – and cannot be – responsible for any winnings or losses that you may experience.

gamble aware

Good luck with your promotion codes from Promo Code Guide – Your Guide to Free UK Promo Codes