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Online promo codes or promotion codes are ways for the web shop or casino or other kind of entertainment provider to try to catch your attention, by offering you an extra bonus when signing up to their website or motivating you to make another purchase. This website is all about helping you find the best promo codes and helping you understand what to look for when spotting a promo code that could be of interest to you.Promo code guide

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What are the ground rules of promo codes?

  • What is a good promo code?
  • Is the promo code really as good as I think it is?

In order to help you get the most out of the promo codes that you find, the following will help you understand promo codes within different areas. The reason why the promo codes have been divided into different themes is that the value and character of promo codes differs widely from one industry to another. A good promo code in betting might not be a good promotion in CFDs or shopping.

Promo codes for betting

Betting is one of the areas where promo codes have always been an important part of attracting players to the bookmaker. In betting, you often see good offers and bonuses for customers that might actually be a help to them. In betting, you always see a wager of around three, and that gives the customer a good chance to win some money, based on the bonus. What is more difficult is to control your betting in the long run, where the bookmaker or casino offering the bets almost always has the upper hand.

Promo codes in casinos

Promo codes offered by online casinos also represent a chance for the customer to win over the casino, but here the chances tend to be smaller than in betting. A casino often offers higher bonuses than the bookmakers do for sports bets, but the wager demand tends to be higher than in betting. This means that the chances of winning, based on the bonuses, are smaller than in betting, but when you do win, you often win a considerable sum of money.

Please remember that the different casino games do not count equally at the casino. For instance, casino games where the casino has a small edge over the gamblers, like Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette, do not count 100 % when wagering the bonus terms but are often as low as 10 %, which lowers the gambler’s chance of winning over the casino since the house’s upper hand over the gambler increases the more the gambler plays.

Promo codes for Finance – spread betting, CFDs and binary options

In recent times, online traders in spread betting, CFDs and binary options have been asked by the FCA not to offer bonuses with a view to attracting new investors. Most of the best online brokers in the UK have chosen to follow the wishes of the FCA, and we advise you to use a broker that does so. See more in the trading section of this website.

Promo codes for shopping

Promo codes for shopping are almost always a good idea since they offer you an extra discount on the product that you were going to buy anyway. However, remember not to let any offer trick you into buying more than you originally planned to buy. See more in the shopping section of this website.